We understand that the decision to pursue an advanced degree requires serious consideration and we are happy to provide answers to all of your questions. The following are common inquiries: 

What is the University of Colorado Executive MBA Program?

The Executive MBA is an accredited Master's degree in Business Administration designed for the experienced businessperson or professional. Executive MBA students complete their degree in less than two years with minimal career disruption. During the program, students gain a wide range of new skills and sharpen their analytical abilities by applying the techniques and tools learned in classes to problems and situations they face at work.

What's unique about the Executive MBA Program besides the schedule?

One important advantage is the close interaction with both faculty and fellow students. Students remain with one group of classmates throughout the program, providing invaluable continuity and mutual support.

The curriculum is distinct from that of a traditional MBA, which emphasizes knowledge a practitioner needs; our program focuses on what decision makers need to know. The Executive MBA Program combines academic learning with real-world experience, producing a challenging, stimulating learning environment that provides the maximum return for the time and money invested in it.

Who teaches in the Executive MBA Program?

Faculty are chosen from nearly 200 full-time faculty in the University of Colorado's three AACSB-accredited Graduate Schools of Business: Colorado Springs, Denver, and the Leeds School of Business in Boulder. All faculty in the program have earned doctorate-level degrees and have experience working, teaching, and consulting with businesses.

Who is eligible for admission?

A very diverse group of people earns their Executive MBA. What they share is a sincere desire to succeed in business by obtaining an MBA and a willingness to work hard toward achieving that goal.

Participants typically have eight to ten years of business or professional experience. Program participants represent all types of organizations from major corporations to small entrepreneurial ventures. Both the private and public sectors are represented, as well as individuals with careers in professions such as medicine, engineering, science, or law. A four-year baccalaureate degree is required, though it need not be a degree in business.

Why is the tuition higher than that for a traditional MBA?

The University of Colorado's Executive MBA is designed for the working professional; as such, the university provides a premium level of service in terms of faculty, facilities, and support staff. The program fee includes all tuition, fees, most meals, books, and materials. Overnight accommodation and airfare for the Global Business Experience is included.

Do I receive an Executive MBA or an MBA degree?

Upon graduation, you will earn an accredited MBA degree, the recognized standard in management education and a key to success in the business world.

How do participants pay for the Executive MBA Program? Is there financial aid available?

Most program participants receive full or some tuition support from their employers. For students paying on their own, financial aid is available. The Executive MBA also has a scholarship program that targets students accepted into the program who qualify for need-based financial aid. Please contact the Program Office for additional details regarding financial aid.

Is it difficult to return to school after being out of school for so many years?

The time demands of the program require all participants to make adjustments in their lives. Typically, most Executive MBA participants have been out of school for 10 to 15 years; therefore, all members of the class face similar challenges. The student study groups play a critical role of support during the program. The Executive MBA is designed to allow students to concentrate their time on academic matters while program staff take care of the administrative aspects of attending a university.

Can I discuss the program with someone before I apply?

You are encouraged to contact the Program Director prior to starting the application process. Program staff is available to answer questions and discuss the program. Please phone the Program Office at (303) 623-1888 or (800) 228-5778.

Are there any prerequisites for the Executive MBA Program?

Participants need to have earned a baccalaureate degree; however, the degree need not be in business. Participants should feel comfortable with word processing and spreadsheet functions on their computer. An understanding of algebra-level mathematics is required. Individuals with a limited knowledge of mathematics are encouraged to take a college-prep math class prior to starting the program. Please contact the program staff for several suggestions on ways to improve math skills before starting the program.

How will an MBA degree affect my career?

An MBA serves as recognition that you have attained a high level of knowledge about a wide range of topics considered essential in modern management. As such, it marks you as a person who was willing to invest the time and effort needed to gain the degree, and as someone who is prepared to accept and meet all the challenges the business world has to offer. It says that you not only want to succeed, but that you've been tested and are capable of success.

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