Military and Veteran Information

Thank you for your service. The Executive MBA Program offers military veterans, reservists, and National Guardsmen the opportunity to swiftly and accurately take the next step in their career by completing the EMBA in less than two years. We make it easy to apply your GI Bill to this program by working closely with the VA Office located on campus.

Our accelerated and accredited AACSB program takes your expert military skills and strengthens them by providing a strong business foundation. Our cohort structure enhances your team building skills, and our downtown location connects you with the business community. Classes are held during the day, on a back-to-back Friday and Saturday schedule allowing you to plan your business travel more in advance. With smaller class sizes, the learning environment is full immersion experience allowing for maximum learning potential. Plus, our nine-day international educational experience which opens up your experiences to international business.  There has been a rule change with VA support of international course travel. The VA will no longer pay for flight, meals, or lodging at international locations. 

For more information, please contact the Executive Programs office at (303) 623-1888 or